text2give1. Send Donation Text to 215-278-4818 and enter your amount and send

2. If it's your first time giving you will be prompted to visit a secure URL to do a 1 time enrollment.

3. Your donation will be process and you will get a confirmation text showing your donation was successful.







Man With Question 01


1. If you ever want to update your credit card info, text the word "Reset" you will then get a follow up text to update your card on file. 

2. If you want to donate to a particular fund and you don't remember the fund, text the word "Funds" and you will get a reply text with all the funds you can donate to.

3. Any donation without a fund will automatically goto "Tithes". You can donate to

A. General offering

B. Building Fund

C. Children's Church building fund

D. Benevolence Fund

E. Love offering

4. You can only donate to 1 fund per Text. If you would like to donate to more than 1 fund, you will have to send 1 Text per Fund




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