Production Team


Provides visual & audio presentations of biblical studies and songs during worship service, Bible Study & special events. Individuals serving on the Production Team Ministry must be able to multitask. These individuals are responsible for following sermons and/or Bible Studies and have the ability to listen, focus and type key points during sermons or studies. Run computers, cameras, audio equipment and record the Compassion Experience. Age requirement 14 years and older: Commitment: Minimum 2 hours 3x’s per month



Media Support Team –gives media support to our services and other events, assist in creating text, presentations, etc.

Audio Team – Set up and tear down equipment (i.e. choir microphones), mix live audio levels or assist with recording and post-production. Commitment: Times vary, but most opportunities are during weekly services or special events

Lighting Team – Operate the light board and other lighting equipment. Commitment: 3-4 hours 2-3 times monthly

Media Support – Assist in creating text, presentations, etc. for screens. Commitment: days and times vary

Photography Team – (Must have own camera – cell phone cameras acceptable) Capture images of church-wide and ministry-based events and services. As available (primarily during worship services and bible studies)

Video Team – Assist in visually capturing services and events: direct, run screen displays or operate a video camera. Commitment: Sunday mornings (3-4 hours) at least 2 times per month

Stage Hands Team - The Stage Hand assists in any work that is needed with regard to the stage setup and scenic and lighting. No previous skill is required. Ability to lift 50 pounds of stage scenery and or production equipment. Should be available for Sunday services and some weekday projects.




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